Explorations in literal and phenomenal transparency

This study was an exploration of sightlines and how a parallax effect can alter the privacy of a space. Using Sou Fujimoto Architects' House N as a case study, I explored the "phenomenal transparency" of interior to exterior. House N is a designed like Russian nesting dolls: three boxes with apertures are stacked inside one another to reimagine the interface between outside and inside. The result are interior courtyards and trees that seemingly grow through the walls to reach the sky. The following video is the result of my experiment. By subtly shifting the size and position of the apertures while maintaining the same window-to-wall ratios, I created two different transformations: the recluse and the socialite. The recluse is not seen from the exterior, but he enjoys wide views out and up to the sky and surrounding environment. Contrarily, the socialite cannot see out of the house with ease, but passersby can easily see the activity within the innermost box.

Image courtesy of Mallory Stuckel

Images courtesy of Sou Fujimoto Architects