Camping, redefined

Tucked away from the world on the beautiful Oregon coast, Westwind is a non-profit, 529-acre camp, farm, and wilderness area for people of all ages. The proposed redesign and relocation of the structures ensures that visitors will sleep safely out of reach of potentially dangerous tsunami floodwaters.

These new structures teach their inhabitants about the natural life around them, providing a new habitat for plants and animals within the walls and floors. Rainwater, one of Oregon’s most abundant resources, is collected, filtered and distributed throughout the network of new structures. Water attracts animals, provides habitat for plants and amphibians, and ultimately enhances the experience of sleeping among nature at Westwind.

Within the site redesign are approximately 15 new cabin structures, bathhouses, water treatment and demonstration facilities, and an Emergency Center.

"If you build it, they *might* come." The cabins disappear into the earth, and they will eventually become part of the landsdcape. .

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